Sealing wax stick manufacturer for a century


Sealing wax sticks manufacturer


The manufacturer of sealing wax and wax sticks, Roze, continues a long tradition and follows the trends and habits that made sealing-wax a new exception pattern.

1895 : "LAURENT " sets up a factory to produce sealing wax in Paris, Bd. Soult
1932 : Emile EVRAT buys the firm from LAURENT and settles in Saint-Maur.
1944 : Back from war, Gérard ROZE's father buys the firm from Mr. EVRAT.
1961 : Gérard ROZE starts running the firm with his mother after his father died
1966 : Take over of MICHAUX & RIBOUST in Montreuil
1968 : Conversion of the sole ownership into a Limited Liability Company.
1969 : Take over of DEBELFORT in Champlitte (Haute Saône) and LEPLANQUOIS in Râches (Somme)
1995 : ONE HUNDRED YEARS : we are happy and proud to be able to thank our faithful customers.
2003 : Maryse K. ROZE and her team receive a "NEF D'OR" award from the French Trade Commision in Paris.